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Possessing a decoration to hand out isn’t enough a reason to possess a competition. Make sure you receive the absolute most out of one’s internet competition by answering this query,”what exactly do you expect to do?” .


Understanding exactly what your objectives are can help direct the process (and certainly will help find out whether the competition was powerful once everything is done and said ).

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Kicks And Sticks Sweeps

Kicks and Sticks Sweepstakes is a promotion sponsored by Mondelez World Wide LLC. It sports Trident, Stride along with Dentyne, leading gum gum manufacturers which are connected with the U.S football. The advertising begins on another of May 2015 and operates till 27th June 27th 2015. The sweepstakes is providing US Soccer fans an opportunity to win $2000 in prizes by entering the Cease and Sticks Competition.

Who will participate?

This promotion can be closed with employees of Mondelez world wide, organizations and agencies who may take place with the sweepstakes implementation, along with their own immediate relatives and anybody living in precisely the exact same household using them. Additionally, contestants beneath age 18 years aren’t permitted to participate.

The best way to input

Contestants can enter the sweepstakes with some of the following approaches:

On the Web entrance

To put in with the Site, contestants need to;

  1. Stop by the state sweepstakes page in
  2. Complete the entry form located on the Web Page and also the submit to get 1 entrance

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Telephone entrance

Contestants may also input the promotion by sending a text message with the word”CHEW” into 59526. This will bring in them entry to the sweepstakes.

All admissions have to be received before the close of the promotion period to meet the requirements. Contestants can simply input no more than 1 time daily irrespective of method used.

The Prize and drawing

A random draw will be held by the close of the promotion stage by which a Grand Prize winner along with also six additional winners will be selected from the qualified admissions.