Health First Premium Payment Service (2019)


Health first Provides an Assortment of health care Policy . Two businesses. Health first health plans, Inc. gives the benefit of both Medicare, and classes, and patient wellness plan HMO and POS (point of service). First medical insurance policy, Inc. supplies a PPO insurance policy individuals as well as classes. Both companies offer you an agenda marketplace. First health doesn’t discriminate according to nationality, race, insurance, color, origin, age handicap, gender identity, or health condition at the Administration, for example, conclusion of registration and advantages. –


First Medical Insurance programs have signed an arrangement Using CMS to give medical health insurance coverage through a health plan supplied by the national Government eased. To learn more, contact your retailer or the regional Office of their medical health insurance.

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  • The healthfirstbillpay
  • Pay premiums on the internet
  • Free to use with no hidden fees
  • The first time customers may want their accounts amount Initially to Subscribe for health
  • Returning users may only utilize the email address that you used when Enrolling in log in
  • The Website is simple and Simple to Use
  • Healthfirst bill-pay accounts secure is currently simpler to work!

We Need to upgrade your account using a fresh appearance, so today it is Easier than ever before to get into the info that you want to deal with your wellness. It works more effectively on cellular phones! Continue checking your website to see further developments.

You can register or register through

  • View or publish the Idcard Healthfirst
  • Pharmaceutical benefits strategy and assess
  • Pay monthly bill (superior )
  • Change your primary care supplier
  • Review your Healthcare care
  • Establish your contact tastes

Healthfirst tries to meet the needs of varied communities Serve via an intimate partnership and participation of all community providers. We’re certainly one of the quickest existing health plan in New York more than one thousand members and also a network of tens of thousands of providers. –

  • You’ll Get Your premium payment statement in approximately 5-7 days.
  • Speak to our Customer Care in 855-443-4735 to create a Payment by bank card or electronic funds transfer. Our customer support hours will be Monday-Friday 8:00-18:00.
  • Allow 72 hours after Registering to the data file which You uploaded into your platform before calling.
  • Go to our Office in 6450 US Highway 1, Rockledge, FL to cover people.

As Soon as You receive a statement you can send it together with your Payment into the address below, but make sure you allow plenty of time for all of us to get your payment prior to the date:

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Health first health programs & insurance

  • Care: fiscal surgeries
  • 6450 US Highway 1
  • Rockledge, FL 32955

Healthfirstbillpay – focuses primarily on hospital sponsored a Unique business model which helps them save money and provide medical insurance.